Phillip May

I would like to thank you for working with me to create my home that I had always looked forward to making. I sit here at my built in desk in my office/library writing this and thinking how fortunate I am. I wake up every morning looking for ways to continue the process of making this beautiful house into a home. Slowly but surely it is heading down that path. I have heard several stories of unpleasant relationships that builders have had with their customers over these last few months, and I think to myself, how lucky I am that I had you doing my job for me. It was an extremely pleasant experience, no pains, no tears, and no fighting. Your favorite line of mine was said to me countlessly when I would ask for something new: “It’s your home, I can build you whatever you want”. And yes, you did. The Thanksgiving holiday celebration at my new home was the best that I could have hoped for. Everyone has said that I will be hosting the holiday (as well as any other large celebration) from now on, “as it flowed so well, it was so gracious, and it felt so easy and comfortable”. All these words convey exactly the sentiment that I was looking for. I can’t tell you how many people love the story about me asking you for the name of someone who could supply me with firewood for my new outdoor fireplace, and the next day you have someone loading a huge stack on my new slab for me. That was the epitome of service! When I get ready to build my next home, you’ll be hearing from me. Thanks again, Bob (and Ben!), for making my new home into the home of my dreams.

Bill Sternberger

Just a note of thanks for the wonderful job you did on the remodel of the attic into a playroom! We absolutely love the way the room turned out and we are as happy with it as we were two years ago when you built our home. The remodel looks like it was in the house from the start, not like an afterthought. We appreciate all your team did to design, organize and execute this job in such a short period of time and exactly to our specifications. You’re an easy builder to work with and we felt comfortable and secure with the contractors you sent to our home. We would be happy to serve as references for any future clients you may have and would be happy for anyone to see the work you’ve done here at our house.

Greg and Darla Tomlinson